Azərbaycan Aşıqlar Birliyinin sədri, aşıq-şair 
  Qaracan İsa oğlu Kərimli (Borçalı)

    The I Congress of ashugs was held in 1928,the II congress in 1938.The III congress of Azerb.Ashugs was held in 1961. The organizing Committee of Azerbaijan Ashugs Union was created on the initiative of national poet.Huseyn Arif.The members of the Committee were: Ashugs Kamandar Afandiev,Suleyman Alaskarov,Vaqif Valiev, Majnun Goychali, Aydin Chobanogli, Qarajan Karimli (Borchali), Aziza Jafarzadeh, Imran Hasanov,and Ahmad Shirvanli.With the decision of this staff,raising its influence the Organizing Committee held the next IV Congress in Azerb.State Philarmon 1984.

The Union activated from 1984 till June 19, 1991at the structure of the Ministry of Culture.From June 19,1991 the Union was out of the structure of the Ministry of Culture,it began activate as an independent Public Organization, financing itself. This organization was registered at the Ministry of Justice as a legal person.

After Huseyn Arif"s death, the founder of this organization, in october 12, 1992 the next Congress was called by the decision of staff. In this Congress Majnun Ibrahimov was voted as chairman, Qarajan Karimli and Mahammad Shirvanli were voted as vice-chairmen. In June 12 ,2004 taking the 3 rd and 5th items of IV article of charter as a basis, the V Congress of Azerb.Ashugs was held,taking part 3/2 per cent of all staff . In this Congress from the members of 180 persons , 123 persons took part.

With the majority of votes of participators (worked for 24 years in Ashug's Union, the member of Committee board,has 45 years practice in ashug's profession, twice honoured, well-educated) Qarajan Karimli was voted the chairman of Azerbaijan Ashugs' Union.

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